Who am I?

Well that’s a good question to ask! 🙂

I’m Tom, a young developer, who’s programming apps, websites and software at no cost :]

Though to be honest I prefer being called Yumithecat or Yumi (yes that’s my cat’s name, and that’s a long story)

What do I do?

Well as you can see, I code apps and websites. Yes I know this website is made on a website builder, but that’s just for the convenience of maintaining a website without much work :]

I also (sometimes) help people accomplish goals on their projects such as apps or websites.

What code editors do you use?

So that’s a special thing. I use Visual Studio Code and Android Studio. Though since I code in Flutter (dart), I can run my apps and platforms on multiple systems such as Android, IOS, Windows, MacOS, …

Here’s what my setup currently looks like (in case you wondered, which you probably didnt):